Winchester Model 1895

Last of the Classic Lever Actions

By Rob Kassab & Brad Dunbar

Over 400 full-color Pages • Leather Bound • Printed in the USA
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Winchester Model 1895 is a comprehensive history and analysis that includes original Winchester documentation, drawings and photographs, much of which has never before been published. This book not only is a must-have for Model 1895 enthusiasts—it also contains many items of interest for all Winchester collectors:

  • Early development, patents, prototypes, John M. Browning, William Mason and WRACo manufacturing and history.

  • The Cody Firearms Museum, Records Office, McCracken Research Library, factory records, research surveys, dates of manufacture and final production.

  • Complete anatomy of the First and Second Models, all configurations and components—receivers, barrels, stocks, metals, wood, markings, finishes, highly finished arms, sights and accoutrements.

  • A detailed history of the Model 1895 cartridges, loading tools and collectible cartridge boxes.

  • A Model 1895 gallery of examples in serial number order throughout production, including special order rarities, engraved and historically significant 1895s.

  • The US and Russian Contracts, Lawmen, Theodore Roosevelt, the Mexican Revolution and period photographs, advertising, art and books.

  • Selected topics authored by Bruce Canfield, Michael Carrick, Ray Giles, Mark Jones and Tom Quigley, Philip Schreier and Daniel Shuey.

Genesis of the Model 1895

Production and Factory Records

Dates of Manufacture

Receiver, Magazine and Action


Takedown Receivers


Action Components—Levers, Bolts and Hammers

Barrels, Bores and Proving

Winchester’s Provisional and Definitive Proof

Stocks, Sling Provisions and Bayonets

Highly Finished Arms


Winchester’s Model 1895 Cartridges

Loading Tools

Cartridge Boxes

The Model 1895 Gallery

The US Contract

The Model 1895s of Theodore Roosevelt


The Model 1895 in Mexico

The Russian Contract

Historical Media—Photos, Ads, Art and Books

Pricing, Costs and the End of Production

A Tribute to George Madis

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